Running ECS tasks based on time and events

Catsndogs is growing and becoming more successful, but rapid growth brings its own problems. Someone (probably Buzzy) has uploaded several cat images that haven’t been through our rigorous assessment process. In response, the development team have created a new automatic image assessment algorithm called ImageAssessor. The initial release selects several images at random, removes them, and then exits. A future release will select identify and remove only non-cat images. The priority now is to get the ImageAssessor container into production. The cat-image-standards sub-committee has determined that running the ImageAssessor container every two minutes should ensure our quality bar remains high. You will need to create a new ECS Task for the ImageAssesssor, and create a scheduled ECS task, which runs the container on a regular schedule. Once the ImageAssessor has removed some images from the cats containers, you will run override the environment variables of the ImageAssessor container to reset the cats images.