Welcome to catsndogs.lol

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Welcome to catsndogs.lol, the fifth most highly rated cat and dog meme sharing website in Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to serve a wide range quality of cat and dog memes to our customers. Memes come and go quickly, and we are starting to see larger and larger surges in customer demand. catsndogs.lol uses Docker containers to host our application. Until today we’ve run everything on a spare laptop, but now we’re moving to the Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). Our DevOps Shepherd wants to take advantage of the latest and greatest features of the ECS platform. We also have several new initiatives that the developers and data science teams are keen to release. As the new DevOps team, you will create the ECS environment, deploy the cats and dogs applications, cope with our hoped-for scaling issues, and enable the other teams to release new features to make our customers happier than ever.

Welcome aboard!